Herbal Acne Treatment – The Best All Natural Herbal Treatment For Acne

Acne is a skin infection that affects the face, chest, back, neck, shoulders and upper arms in some cases. It will normally affect someone in their early teen years when the oil glands begin to produce excess oil. It may however carry on well into the later years of some people’s lives. Treatment of acne is quite diversified with the use of medicines, gadgets and even natural herbal acne treatment at home solutions are being used to clear the infection.

There are numerous treatments of acne; both proven and unproven that are out in the market today. Many people however, are opting to treat their skin naturally by using herbal acne treatment. Natural, or herbal, treatments for acne are in most cases not rough on the skin and pause a smaller threat in terms of side effects as compared to their chemical counterparts. These herbs will typically provide a rather silent but extremely effective healing process because they will avoid the skin from erupting in any way and will not cause any noticeable change to your lifestyle. The trick with them is that you have to be patient and keen on the treatment for better results.

Before choosing any herbal acne treatment, one must find out the proper herbs that will work on their skin and go ahead to actually learn the best way of using these herbs. There are quite a good number of herbs that have been known to offer healing from acne by soothing the lesions and eventually leading to a finer skin. However, as already mentioned, different herbs can and will be recommended to different acne patients. One might be wondering then how they will know which herbs are better for them. This is the part where the dermatologist comes in. It is advisable to visit a dermatologist before you opt for any treatment of acne, be it herbal or otherwise; only he will tell you which path to take.

The best herbal acne treatment is tea tree oil which is probably the most effective and will offer you a great freedom from acne while leaving you with a clear skin. If compared to chemical treatments like benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil will create better results. True, benzoyl peroxide may work faster and have greater effectiveness but it also has massive side effects like itching, stinging, dryness, redness, and burning of the skin which do not occur in the case of herbal treatments. Due to the fewer side effects, bacteria killing abilities and skin soothing effects of the oil, many people have resorted to the use of tea tree oil to treat acne. The tea tree oil is available at most health stores and the usage that is recommended is a 5% solution (5% oil and 95% water).

Before you start to use a particular acne treatment, be sure to first test it on a certain part of your skin so that you can watch the reaction of your skin to it. Herbal acne treatment in most cases provides you with a clear and natural skin if followed well.

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